Another local business owner, giving back to the community that they serve.

To say that it's been a tough year for food insecurity is an understatement. The largest hunger-relief organization in the country, Feeding America, has estimated that 17 million more people will have food insecurity issues during the pandemic; the average number of Americans suffering from hunger is 37 million, and 18 million of those people are kids.

And don't think that it doesn't hit close to home - an average of one in four households will experience food insecurity this year. Look around your neighborhood and do the math.

Something we talk about often on the show is how many children receive their only nutritious meal of the day from school, which COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on. A lot of kids are doing all-virtual school; some are doing hybrid learning. Either way, this means that kids are not eating at school as much, if at all.

Enter Charlie B. Enterprises here in Flint - the owner, Charlie, is giving away 300 boxes of free food this Saturday from 12 PM til 5 PM or until supplies run out at Flint Bethel United Methodist Church.

When the Lord told me to move back to Flint. I told myself that I wasn't moving back unless I knew I had something to offer the city of Flint.  Even though I have had the opportunity to start a few businesses here, it has always been my goal to position myself to give back to the community that gave to my family and me growing up. With us being in a pandemic, there has been a need for food and resources during this time. Rather than waiting until next year to do the giveaway, I thought it would be best to do something now to help be a solution

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