Most people from Michigan love cheese. Sure, there's the variety you'll find for nachos, tacos or Italian dishes, but artisan, homemade, real cheese is superior to all others.

You might find it surprising to learn two of the World's Best cheeses are made right here in Michigan.

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No, they're not made in Pinconning, either. And there's nothing wrong with Pinconning cheese.

2023 World Cheese Awards

Two Michigan cheesemakers were part of a competition featuring over 4,000 cheeses from 40 countries. That's literally a world of competition according to Michigan AG Today.

The two artisan cheesemakers are located in Suttons Bay and Northport, Michigan. On your Michigan hand-map, that's around the Traverse City part of the state.

Leelanau Cheese Company - Suttons Bay, MI

They received the "Super Gold" award for their Leelanau Raclette. They also won "Gold" for Leelanau Reserve. Leelanau Cheese Co. specializes cave-aged European style cheese.

If you're curious about cheesemaking, Leelanau Cheese Company works with the MSU Extension. They'll teach you.

The next winner was recognized for three incredible goat cheeses.

Idyll Farms - Northport, MI

They received silver and bronze awards:

  • Silver Awards:
    • Idyll Pastures
    • Idyll Pastures Fennel Pollen
    • Spreadable Idyll Pastures
  • Bronze Award:
    • Idyll Pastures with Garlic & Herb.

Bonus, they opened the world's first and only vending machine for goat cheese.

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If you wonder who brings all of these cheeses together for competition, it's the Guild of Fine Food. A different nation hosts the World Cheese Awards each year.

We hope they'll choose Michigan to host very soon.

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