The two cats and their brother are missing from the Farmington Hills area.

Arcturus, Cygnus and Sirius are still missing as of this morning with no news.

Arcturus is a F2 Savannah cat, who currently holds the world record for tallest domestic cat. His brother Cygnus holds the world record the for longest tail. Both of them, along with their brother Sirius, are missing and feared dead after their house caught fire this past weekend.

This is heartbreaking, whether they hold records or not. Not only did the couple lose everything, but their precious babies are unaccounted for. I started following these cats months ago, because we, too, have a Savannah - and a domestic.

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Please, PLEASE pass this along and get the word out. These cats were also HUGE fundraisers for the Ferndale Cat Shelter, which has Detroit's only "catfe."

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