What's even more impressive is that both cats have the same owner!

If you listen to our show, you already know that I'm a crazy cat lady. Totally shameless about it, too.

I follow a few cat pages on Facebook, including a page about a Savannah cat named Arcturus Alderbaran Powers - he lives in Detroit with his humans. We have a Savannah (a cross between a serval and a domestic), so I love seeing other peoples' Savannahs.

And now, Arcturus AND his "brother," Cygnus, have broken Guinness World Records - Arcturus is now the world's tallest domestic cat, and Cygnus has the longest tail.

Both cats (and their humans) do a lot of charity work for local shelters, which is fantastic. And of course, they're Michiganders, so that's double-great. Congrats, kitties!

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