The governor of Michigan has taken a bit of heat for suggesting that you can just 'Google' how to do a haircut during the coronavirus pandemic. In an interview this morning, she referred to the suggestion as an "offhand comment" and said it was not meant as an insult to hairstylists.

And trust me on this, cutting your own hair is a bad idea.

Her words from earlier this week drew a lot of criticism from salon owners in Michigan. One friend whose identity is being kept anonymous told me:

"Seriously, now an insult to my trade, to every cosmetologist out there, the way we make a living!!!! "Google how you do a haircut or throw your hair into a ponytail” To say I am pissed is an understatement. She hasn't a damn clue what being a hairdresser is about. 35 years in the business and I didn't "Google it" to get my license, or the hours upon hours of education that I have paid for with hard-earned money from that job she deems, not important."

Another salon owner weighed in with this statement:

"It’s frustrating. We are licensed by the state and always practice disinfecting and sanitation. There have been guidelines submitted to the Governor for our industry and there has been no response back. Her dentist husband can have patients breathing in his face all day, but I can’t give a haircut? It’s ridiculous!! We are ready to get back to work and our clients are beyond ready."

Governor Whitmer reeled in her comments today on an interview broadcast in Detroit.

“I didn't mean to offend people who are in the profession. I think that it's important, I think that it is licensed for a reason. These are professionals who take it seriously and intimately interact with the public, and that's why we have to take this very seriously about how we proceed to keep people safe," she said. "So if my comment offended anyone, I apologize for that."

Whitmer noted that she will likely make provisions for salons to open in Michigan's northern regions within the next several days.

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