When you spend your afternoon reporting traffic on-air you begin to see a pattern form. The same roads usually pop up with a fender bender or two each week. Aside from the pot holes that plague most of the roads in Genesee County, some roads are just the worst to drive on in any condition.  The whole thing got me to thinking....what road in Genesee County is the fan fav for being the absolute worst?

For me it was simple, anything with a roundabout. For some reason the whole concept is a challenge for some to master. When the new roundabout appeared at Hill & Belsay Road in Grand Blanc drivers seemed to loose their minds with the whole circle thing. I often found myself watching drivers unable to escape the every turning trap they had fallen into. It was like that scene from National Lampoons European Vacation and Chevy Chase chanting "Big Ben Parliament kids". Just get over!

Then there's those accident hot spots. The ones that never seem to fail to give us a little boom and crash. When it comes to accidents Genesee County has a location that made the top ten most dangerous in the state. Northbound I-475 Between Atherton Road ramp and S. Grand Traverse Street, Flint, Genesee County had 53 Total Crashes, 16 Injury Crashes in a report published last year by Michigan Auto Law.

Still accidents aside, many of us have roads we just can't stand to drive on. One listener Kathy commented, "That I-75 S. gauntlet (from Miller Road-Bristol). Hate every single one of those entrance ramps" Miller Road in itself is a nightmare to many any time of the year and not just the holidays. Another listener weighed in noting Hill & Fenton Roads are best left alone at rush hour.  And we can't forget US 23 as always a trouble spot for backups and slowdowns. 

Genesee County definitely has its fill of roads that torment local drivers. What's your "demon" road?


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