Did you see something strange in the sky over Michigan last Tuesday?

A Detroit man recorded a video of an unknown object flying over Detroit, Michigan last Tuesday (June 23, 2020.)  Proimos Paul shared a couple videos on Facebook asking opinions on what this thing is,

Yooooo I filmed this UFO in broad daylight. Y'all have to see this. I want your opinions on what this thing might be. I am not saying this is an alien spaceship. All I'm saying is that it's an unidentified flying object. That's all I'm saying. Put in your 2 cents!

Some of the comments point out that is strange that there's no smoke tail or exhaust coming from the flying object.  Others question if it's a large drone.

Reports for UFO sightings have increased over the pandemic.  In fact, there was a massive UFO cluster reported in Detroit on April 3rd, 2020 according to News Break,

This mass UFO sighting happened on 3rd April 2020 and it was just submitted to our Facebook page. It happened in Detroit, Michigan. So it seems that they are coming up from the bottom of the screen, from the tree line. One and two at a time. They go up and seems to arch toward the camera, then they blink out.

You can see a picture of that UFO cluster by clicking here.

Bonus Video: #UFO Sighting, USA Stockton, CA 4/1/2020

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