UFO Sighting In Michigan?
If you type "UFO sightings" into YouTube, you'll get thousands of hits. But this video is from Michigan, and it's in broad daylight.
UFO Spotted On Washington D.C’s Capitol Beltway? [VIDEO]
This certainly got some people chattering while driving on the Beltway the other day. Some folks in the Washington, D.C., area are buzzing about what they thought was a UFO atop a flatbed truck on the Capitol Beltway.
Turns out the disc-shaped object was a military drone. Imagine if you saw one of t…
UFO Fan Claims; They Know I’m Filming Them [VIDEO]
To begin with let me ask, are you a believer? I personally lean a little more toward the non-believer side myself. An Ohio man says he has recorded very clear images of what he thinks is a UFO over Lake Erie. The man claims they know he's filming them-- and they allow him to keep shooting. He …
Shape-Shifting UFO Sighted Over California [VIDEO]
Do you believe? I don't believe I have ever seen a UFO, once in a while I'll see something in the sky that makes me do a double take, I hate to mention it because I'm afraid people will think I'm crazy. California has had its share of UFO sightings lately. Read more and take a lo…