One of the most credible UFO incidents in history took place in Michigan 28 years ago this month.

The 1994 Lake Michigan UFO event took place on the eastern shore of Lake Michigan on March 8, 1994. It's also sometimes referred to as "The Holland Sighting" because the majority of sightings reported came from Holland, Michigan.

On March 8, 1994 hundreds calls were made to 911 with reports of strange lights in the skies.

What made this case so credible wasn't only the number of calls and reports that were made to 911 but also who made those reports. Reports were made by Michigan residents, police, and even a meteorologist.

Some of the calls reported seeing what looked like four "full moons" over the line of trees.

One witness explained what she saw to the Detroit Free Press on the 25th anniversary of the incident:

I watched them for half an hour. Where I'm facing them, the one on the far left moved off. It moved to the highway and then came back in the same position. The one to the right was gone in blink of an eye and then, eventually, everything disappeared quickly.


The incident really freaked a lot people out, so much so that they even kept their kids home from school after it happened. Some of those kids today are still not comfortable talking about the subject.

Jack Bushong, a meteorologist that had been working for the National Weather Service that night tracked the objects on radar. At one point, one of the objects stopped and started hovering.

 Jack Bushong:

And then it shot up, about 5,000 feet, then 10,000 feet I was getting it, just straight up.

I either saw them hovering or they were jumping at a high rate of speed over to the next spot. Then there were two other spots jumping to get back into the same triangle, and they kept doing this.

The 1994 Lake Michigan UFO event was a really big deal and has been featured in books, television shows, and documentaries.

According to The Debrief, this case remains a contender for one of the most thoroughly researched and verifiably documented mass UFO sightings on record.

Today it's really hard to take UFO reports serious due to the number of drones flying around. Not mention the fact that there are over 5,000 satellites overhead as well.

So what was that in the night sky on March 8, 1994? No one knows, it's still a mystery 28 years later.

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