"I mean, she's been gone a lot. I guess she's been running. All I know is that she hasn't been home to make me dinner," said her husband Pat. 

32-year-old AJ Clark is working hard to prepare for her first-ever Crim race tomorrow.

"I think I'll have salmon for dinner tonight," she said.

The mother-of-one has been running for a few months to prepare for the legendary Flint 10-mile race. Even though her son is 8-years-old, she still hopes that running will help her shed the last 15 pounds of baby weight.

"It's hard to hide the extra pounds in running shorts. Sometimes, I feel like like the Stay Puft Marshamallow Man, running down the street," said AJ.

Training for the Crim hasn't been without its challenges, though. "I've had to remember to do my inhaler before I run to help control my seasonal asthma. And my knee kind of hurts," she told our Cars 108 web reporter.

But all of those challenges haven't stopped her from running two to three times a week. She says that she's excited for the end result: a finishers medal. "I get a medal as long as I finish, so I'm good with that."

Her running coach, Erin O'Mara from Bauman's Running and Walking Shop, says that AJ is a pretty average weekend warrior runner. "I mean, she'll finish the race. She may crawl over the finish line, but she'll get through it."

Her husband (and coworker) Pat says that he's ready for her Crim training to be over. "She hasn't been in the mood to do the hibbidy dibbidy, cuz she's been so tired. I'm ready to get my wife back."

Here's some actual stories of extraordinary people running the Crim, such as 91-year-old Harry Binder or Ashley Seymour, a woman who is completely blind.

Good luck to all the runners this weekend!



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