Jessica Bearer, a local optometrist, has been dreaming of running the the acclaimed race since she was a teenager growing up in Massachusetts. This was going to be her year after qualifying for the big race. Unfortunately due to ongoing COVID-19 concerns, that dream was put on hold.

Finding out the race she dreamed of and dedicated so much time in training for wasn't going to happen was tough for Bearer. In May she told us, "Finding out today that Boston Marathon 2020 is cancelled is a kick in the gut of course. They have to do what they think is the safest for everyone involved. I’m still in a bit of disbelief that it happened in my year."

Proving that it's hard to keep a avid runner down, Jessica along with friend and fellow qualifier Heather Willing, are moving forward with running the race the both trained long and hard for. The two Grand Blanc women will take to the local streets to run their own Boston Marathon on September 12th.

Jessica Bearer
Heather Willing

The Boston Athletic Association is allowing those that qualified and were slated to run in April, the opportunity to run on the course of their choosing between September 7-14th. The duo decided they would take advantage of the opportunity and hit the ground running...literally. "Heather and I decided that it would be more fun to run it together as our qualifying times were very similar. We are doing a looped course in the Woodfield subdivision so that we have regular access to water and other necessities including our very own cheering squad", Bearer said.

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Bearer and Willing, at teacher at Grand Blanc High School, will kick off their race at 7:00am on Adover Ct. in Grand Blanc on September 12th. Each will receive their official Boston Marathon medal as well. This year was the first time in its 124-year history, the Boston Marathon has been canceled. Good luck ladies!


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