Running the Crim 5K is a huge accomplishment...and even more so when you can't see anything.

Grand Blanc's Ashley Seymour, a research assistant at the Genesee County United Way, will be running her first Crim race this weekend. However, she'll be doing it a little bit differently than everybody else: she'll be tethered to a partner. She's blind.

"I like to try everything once, just so I can have the experience," Ashley said.

And there's more than running - she does downhill skiing and swimming. She's expressed interest in adding cycling to her activities, so she can enter into a triathlon.

Her race partner, Lauren Chwojnicki, says, ""It's a constant conversation. You know, 'We're going left up here soon, there's sticks ahead of you."

This chick is my hero! Makes you rethink the little things in life. I hope I get to meet her at the Crim!


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