What a year, huh? In normal times, the 143rd Kentucky Derby would have been run in May... but this is 2020. I have never been a fan of horse racing and never have actually watched a race from start to finish. BUT, I am a huge fan of the names. People are so creative with the names. It makes it fin for bettors, kids and the people naming them.

Here are some of the names in this years race. And they're off!

Tiz the Law
Honor A. P.
Thousand Words
King Guillermo
Ny Traffic
Max Player
Money Moves
Sole Volante
Finnick the Fierce
Storm the Court
Major Fed
South Bend
Mr. Big News
Necker Island
Attachment Rate
Winning Impression

We played horse or hoax and Mailtlynn fell for a few of my hoax names.

Hung Like Me.

Fyvush Finkel. (Maitlynn said he had been gone for five-ish years)

Charlie Cheap Stakes.

Pardon Me, Mr. Trump.

Mare Layer.

Sure to be Glue.

We were coming up with our own racehorse names this morning. I was Jukebox Junior. Maitlynn was Mrs. Catastrophe.

Not happy with that one?

I think this one was more fun. Maitlynn was Gonnabea Foxy Knucklehead and I was Ima Zesty Dive... They hit the nail on the head with me.

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