It's a sure sign you've made it as a sports figure. Imagine playing football for the Detroit Lions and then learning you're getting your very own trading card.

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Ok, scratch that part about playing for the Detroit Lions. But getting your face on a trading card? That actually is a sign of success.

Detroit Lions offensive tackle Matt Nelson's career is being commemorated on a Panini trading card. He learns about the honor in the video below.

A Lifelong Dream

Nelson told TV station WXYZ in Detroit that he's wanted his face on a trading card all his life.

"You like, grow up collecting all these guys," Nelson says. "If they want to [make a Matt Nelson card] that would definitely be sweet, I would definitely buy one."

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The Big Reveal

"I do have some fun news to share," WXYZ's Brad Galli told Nelson as he pulled out a giant card with the player's picture on it. "2021 products are going to feature this, man."

The look on Nelson's face was priceless.

"Cool!" he exclaimed as he looked at his likeness on the card. "I wish it was just a little bit smaller so I could take it home."

The 2021 Panini Score football cards featuring the Lions offensive tackle will be available starting in May.

Watch Nelson's surprise in the video below.


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