You have to check out Craigslist these days -- it's gone to the dogs!

Not sure if you are into trolling Craigslist like me, but have you seen these real ads on Craigslist of dog owners essentially pimping out their pooches?  They are a riot!

One Craigslist user touts the fact that her dog will make a wonderful mother:

Looking to mate my female shizu. With either the same or Pomeranian. If conceives, pick of the litter. She is very sweet and would make a loving mother. She is black and white. Trying to stay in the same color.

Another Craigslist user is just looking for a boyfriend for her bitch and there are specifications:

I'm looking for a boyfriend for my little Maltese, she is a beautiful purebred, AKC, tea cup size dog. I'm looking for a dog that weights no more than 5.5 pounds (My dog is very small, so a bigger dog is not a good idea) Also AKC papers and tear stain free, please.

Seriously, I am just beside myself that I have stumbled upon this other world of Craigslist listings. Who knew there was romance on Craigslist -- doggie style!

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