Stop me if you've heard this one. A man walked into a bar, died, and his friend - the bar owner - hid his body for four days, so he wouldn't lose out on weekend business. It's no joke, it actually happened earlier this year in Wales.

Pub owner Jason Chidgey found the body of regular customer Mark Howell in the men's bathroom on a Friday night. Fearing police would close the establishment for several days to investigate, Chidgey hid the body until Tuesday, so as not to lose out on lucrative weekend business.

He enlisted the assistance of Audra Rees, who cleans the watering hole, to help move the body, but after suffering from nightmares related to the incident, Rees confessed their transgression to police.

Chidgey is serving a 15-month sentence for the crime.

- George McIntyre
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