From sports bars to dance bars and everything in between, Michigan has a slew of places to grab a cold one and hang with friends. Whether it's your favorite neighborhood spot or that weekend destination party place, when you head out to the bar the goal is always to have a good time.

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Granted, Michigan may not have the same notoriety for the nightlife as places like Nashville and New York do, but that doesn't mean we don't have a few places that are known for some serious fun. A few of your favorites may come to mind, but one bar has taken the top spot for the best of the best.

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The team at Thrillist had some fun and put together a list of "The Wildest, Most Fun Bar in Every State". Seriously, how do we get a job like that? Needless to say, they had a cool time doing "research" to come up with the crème de la crème of places to let your hair down and cut loose.

"The selections included here might not be the absolute rowdiest places in town (though, sometimes they are), but they are joints that anyone -- of any age, of any walk of life -- should be able to walk into on any given night, and expect the dopamine to flow like against all odds, like a trout swimming upstream. These are bars where you can bring your freshly 21-year-old cousin, and your octogenarian grandma, too. Since fun comes in all shapes and sizes, expect to see some surprises. We dug deep here", Thrillist said. 

What's the Wildest, Most Fun Bar in Michigan?

To hang out at Michigan's pick for that bar that spells fun, you'll need to make your way to Hamtramck and spend some time at Whisky in the Jar. The local hotspot on Yemans Street is a hub for fun and then some. Thrillist said;

"As you might expect from a Polish bar that shares its name with a legendary Irish drinking song: this place embraces those who like to imbibe. In fact, if you're a first timer you'll be greeted with a gratis shot of Jezynowka (that's Polish blackberry brandy), and if you want more, the shots here are, shall we say, priced to sell. It's the kind of hospitality that draws an eclectically diverse crowd that ensures an equally diverse soundtrack on the jukebox, helping you pass the time in the darkness until you come to, riding a bike home and arriving at the abrupt realization that you do not own a bike. Still, good times".

Don't take Thrillist's word for it. Plan a trip to check out the wildest, most fun bar in Michigan, and let us know what you think. Take a glance at the full list of bars here. 

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