If you think Detroit is getting hardcore serious about the big playoff game, you're 100% right. The Detroit Lions and their fans are ready to host their first playoff game in 30 years and let's just say it's GAME ON.

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Adding to the excitement of the big game is the fact that Detroit's once favorite son is returning to the field, but for the other team. Former Detroit quarterback Matthew Stafford will return to the city that started it all with his new team, the Los Angeles Rams. Although Stafford left on good terms with the Motor City, business is business and in the eyes of many fans, he will be the enemy on game day.

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You may have heard in the past week that The Detroit Line fan page made a post that Lions Stafford jerseys "will not be permitted into Ford Field on Sunday".

"Please don't wear a Lions-Stafford jersey to the game. This is not a time to be cute or funny. This is about business and putting the final nail in the SOL coffin", the post read.

Of course,  they can't make that decision, but it got people talking.  Kelly Stafford herself, Matthew's wife, chimed in saying the whole thing was "sad", but many were jumping on the bandwagon, but now one iconic bar is kicking it up a notch further.

The legendary Detroit sports bar Thomas Magee's, just around the corner from Ford Field, has issued a warning to anyone looking to grab a cold one at the bar: don't even think about walking through the door wearing a Stafford Lions jersey. The bar post a stern, and very serious warning, on social media saying;

"PSA: please refrain from trying to enter Thomas Magee‘s on game day with Lions Stafford jerseys. You’ll be turned away at the door. It’s our first home game in 30 years, use some common sense. Regards, Ownership".

We know, we know, it's a bold move, but hey, we're all about team spirit, and sometimes sacrifices must be made in the name of victory. Sorry #9...we still love you, but Detroit's on a mission. As for those who are thinking about strolling into Thomas Magee's sporting your Stafford vibe...you've been warned.

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