Who doesn't love a good Happy Hour? It's the perfect time to unwind with friends, enjoy discounted drinks, and savor delicious appetizers, but did you know that Happy Hour laws are a thing?  Each state has its own unique set of rules, making your Happy Hour experience a little different depending on where you live, including Michigan.

VinePair recently shed some light on those laws you may not be too familiar with regarding the 'happiest hour of the week'.

"What began as a booze-less social hour for the U.S. Navy in 1914 has evolved into a staple of American drinking and dining culture", VinePair said. "But with discounted drinks and a limited window of time to drink them, happy hour can easily fill a bar with drunk patrons. That’s why in 1984, Massachusetts infamously became the first state to ban happy hour."

VinePair broke down the laws state-by-state, and it seems most fall into one of four categories;

  • No Restrictions
  • Restrictions on Duration or Time of Day
  • Limits on Price Reductions and All-You-Can-Drink Specials
  • Illegal
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So where does Michigan land when it comes to Happy Hour Laws? According to the list, the Great Lakes State has limits on drink deals and having a free-for-all. State Regs Today broke it down a little more in detail for us.

  • Happy hour specials must be offered for a continuous period of time, with no sudden price increases.
  •  Drinks cannot be sold below cost or given away for free as part of a promotion.
  •  Discounts on any individual drink cannot exceed 50% of the regular price.
  •  All promotions and discounts must apply to all customers equally, with no discrimination based on gender or age.
  •  Any marketing materials promoting happy hour or drink specials must list the full price of each drink being offered.

We all know laws are in place to keep everyone safe right? No matter where you are, it’s important to enjoy Happy Hour responsibly. Know your limits, savor your drinks, and most importantly, enjoy the company of good friends.

Check out the Happy Hour Laws state-by-state below.

Photo: VinePair
Photo: VinePair

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