Patrick, a resilient chocolate brown pitbull mix,shows how low human beings can sink while  illustrating the beauty of life and second chances.

The starved, emaciated, near-death puppy was found in a trash chute in an apartment complex in Newark, N.J. just about a year ago. Kisha Curtis, the owner, had left him tied to a railing for a week, but denied throwing him in the garbage.

Patrick was discovered moments before he would have been crushed by the trash compactor. He weighed just 19 pounds with a temperature that wouldn't even register on the thermometer.

One year later, Patrick  is thriving.

Patrick is now a healthy 50 pounds and lifer has given him ma second chance.

Curtis has been charged with animal cruelty. She admitted to abandoning the dog and leaving him tied in a hallway of her building, but says she did not mistreat or abuse him.

So, now Patrick has people who love him and a second chance on life.