Due to a staffing issue, the city of Flint will have to alternate its waste pick-up by switching between yard waste and recycled waste on a weekly basis. 

It's just another addition to the annoying list of things that you'll have to tolerate if you live in the Flint area. 

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Starting Monday, the service provider will be picking up yard waste throughout the City, but delay recycling pickup until the following week. The two services will continue to alternate to be picked up every other week.


“We all are frustrated and have actively worked to develop the best response possible. We cannot thank residents enough for your patience as our contractor deals with this staffing shortage,” said Michael J. Brown, director of the Department of Public Works for the city of Flint.


I'll admit that I don't really take the time to recycle as I should. Mainly because it wasn't common in my household growing up. As I get older the significance started to grow on me as I unintentionally began to recognize the damage that waste products like plastic can do to the environment. To be 100% honest I didn't really care, then after further investigation, I realized that people are consuming at least 39,000 microplastic particles a year! That's a bit extreme. But that's the world we live in and if we don't start changing our habits that number will increase and plastic will be found in all avenues of food.

I don't want to sound like your typical doom and gloom environmentalist, but if we don't make a change soon and take recycling a bit more seriously, we're all gonna regret it...

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