How many times have you heard someone complaining about the Flint area and thought: "just. shut. up." or "go fix it?" It's fine to complain about legitimate issues (not made-up fears, though).

It's even better to offer solutions to guide outcomes. That's what people in Montrose have done.

Why did the proposed Montrose Township dump fail?

Residents learned Genesee County was proposing a new landfill in Montrose Township back in April of this year. They weren't happy about short notice before the proposal meeting (two days) or the thought of another dump. Afterall, they currently have Brent Run operating at M-57 and Morrish Road.

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Genesee County Metropolitan Planning Commission's Cody Roblyer told WNEM-TV5 “The main purpose of this plan is to ensure that there is disposal capacity for garbage in Genesee County.”

Here's how they thwarted the proposal: Many Montrose Township residents attended a recent meeting to oppose the landfill with concerns over possible river contamination, water quality in the area, the smell and the obvious point -- they already have a dump.

Not to mention, Genesee County already has these three.

Credit: Google Street View, Canva
Genesee County Landfill/Dump Sites. Credit: Google Street View, Canva

Now, no additional landfill is included in the Commission's plans for Montrose Township.

What can the rest of Genesee County & the Flint area take away from this?

It's pretty simple, really:

  • Pay attention to what's happening in your city/village/township. Get involved or actively keep up to date.
  • Talk to your friends and family within the area about it, too. Encourage their involvement.
  • Show up to meetings and offer constructive input when asked -- or plan to attend when it's time for resident feedback.
    • When the majority speaks loud & clear, it impacts change.
  • Maybe run for a local office to be the best (insert role here) communicator / community leader ever?

But "what about XYZ" and "what about blah blah blah?!"

The next time people in neighborhood Facebook groups or folks having a drink next to you complain about:

  • needing "better restaurants" or things to do in Grand Blanc
  • terrible roads in Flint or Burton neighborhoods
  • needing more sidewalks in Davison Township
  • or too many empty, blighted buildings in the county while new businesses are being built...

You know the solution. It's how Montrose Township people got what they wanted.

If people close to you are randomly b*tching to anyone who will listen -- they're not being heard in a way that will make things better. Nor are they helping.

Encourage them. Show them what's possible. There's a lot to do in Genesee County, but we can do it... if we choose.

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