The battle over whether or not plastic bags should be banned continues.

According to WXYZ, a new bill, introduced by Sen. Jeff Irwin would allow the implementation of plastic bag bans or any motion regulating the use or sale of plastic bags, or imposing any fee, charge or tax on certain containers.

I didn't realize that there was already a Michigan law in place that bans the implementation of plastic bag bans. So essentially Irwin would like to see this turned around.

Plastic bags were part of a 2018 study that shows they are among the list of debris items that are found along coastlines and take hundreds of years to biodegrade.

Sen. Jeff Irwin;

Plastic bags are a pervasive form of pollution and litter in our communities. Other communities have shown success in keeping trash off their roads, beautifying their communities, and keeping this trash out of their rivers and streams by introducing limits, deposits, or other creative ideas to improve plastic bag recycling. This bill is designed to do that.

We live in Michigan where we are surrounded by water. We don't want these bags in our rivers and lakes. I'm not sure if this is bill the answer but something needs to be done.

As the Great Lakes State, we hold the responsibility to ensure that our lakes and rivers are protected from pollution caused by plastic bags. This legislation will restore our local governments’ ability to protect and beautify our state. Local leaders are closest to our roads, parks, and waterways. They need this tool to fight litter in our communities, and we should be able to provide this to them.

Plastic bags are definitely a problem in my neighborhood, they're everywhere. You always see them in trees and ditches along the road. It just makes everything look trashy because they end up all over.

I think they need to get tougher with people that litter, it's so out of control everywhere. I don't know how you enforce it but there has to be some way.

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