It's time to get up and get out this weekend to help a couple of groups that have teamed up to tackle the trash in Flint.

A month or so ago, we featured Flint Michigan Litter Killers a local group that goes above and beyond to help keep the streets of Flint clean. Frank Duverney, who heads up the group is constantly doing his part to keep the community clean.

This weekend Flint Michigan Litter Killers will be teaming up with Tough Cuts LLC for a "park clean up." The clean up will be taking place this Sunday at 1:30 pm along Averill from Davison road to Leith Street. The groups are asking that volunteers meet at Longway Park.

Tough Cuts will be donating hotdogs, chips, pop/water to volunteers as well as disposing of the trash collected during cleanup.

In a time when everything you hear or see in the news is ugly and full of hate and violence, it nice to see a community come together for something like this.

If you'd like to take part this Sunday, be at Longway Park at 1:30 pm. Tell your friends, family members or anyone that you think would take part. The more people they get, the more trash they get off the Flint streets.

These people truly care about their community and want to take pride in it, not be embarrassed by its appearance.

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