Another step in the RIGHT direction for mental healthcare and awareness, right here in our home county!

The Genesee Health System is offering a mobile mental health unit this afternoon at Bethel United Methodist Church at 1309 N. Ballenger Hwy from 1-3 PM. This is from their Facebook event page:

Genesee Health System Mobile Mental Health Unit offers:

• Counseling for all ages
• A special room for kids to play and talk
• Help dealing with stress, anxiety and worries
• Help finding resources in the community for personal and family needs
• Helping parents with children’s health, mental health and/or difficult behaviors

In the event that our mobile unit is not present, please come inside at the location and inquire, as our mobile unit staff will be on site and ready to serve!
Subscribe to our Events to find out where the Mobile Unit will be serving our community, or call 810.257.3777

Instead of talking about mental illness and how we need more awareness and accessibility to healthcare, let's act on it. Love this bus!

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