If you're plowing through construction zones and pegging barrels, you do NOT get to complain about Michigan roads EVER AGAIN.

The pic above is from this morning, right in front of the radio station on Bristol Road between Dort and Center. The speed limit is 35 and they have a digitized sign that will tell you how fast you're going.

Apparently, that's not stopping people from racing down the less-than-half-a-mile stretch of road. This morning, an entire swath of barrels were knocked over.

And for those of you who say, "Must've been the wind," I say....

We have a responsibilty, folks. A responsibility to the construction workers and to each other. We can't complain about the roads non-stop and then tear through the areas where they're working on them. 


Yes, the roads are a mess. Yes, construction can be frustrating. However, that doesn't make it okay to drive like an a** through work zones.

The picture below is from last week in the same area. That's not from the wind, and we all know it.

via Pat & AJ
via Pat & AJ

I'll catch flack for saying this and that's fine; I consider myself a Michigander now that I've lived here for five years. But I'll tell you what - a lot of Michiganders drive like BATS OUT OF HELL. I was in Illinois and Tennessee in the last week and yes, people drive less aggressively and slower in other states.

I'm not saying that driving fast is a BAD thing; I fully admit that I felt like a turtle when I was driving through Chicago at 55 mph. But in a construction zone? NO QUESTION.

Slow the hell down. This is ridiculous. You're really gonna regret trying to save that extra 3.4 seconds of drive time when you're convicted of hitting a worker.

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