The man says, "If I were to hit a bicyclist and kill them, my life as I know it today would be changed forever."

I'll preface this by admitting that I love to ride my bike, and I've found that a lot of motorists here in Michigan are not very kind about it. It actually scares me to ride my bike, even though I abide by ALL the rules: ride on or as close to the shoulder as possible, use hand signals, ride with traffic, etc.

Even so, I still get honked at for just...existing. Cyclists don't ride their bikes just to tick off drivers, I promise. And most cyclists do NOT like riding on busy roads, but the majority of areas are without bike lanes and trails.

Now that I've put my bias out there...

A man in Leelanau County has a display in his front yard that is raising some eyebrows. Rick Dean has had this sign and display in his yard for a few years now, but it just recently got some social media attention.

Dean says that he's most frustrated with riders who ride in groups, and because his dog broke loose once and chased some cyclists down the street.

I agree, safety first. But his message gets lost when he says that bikes belong on Mackinac (dude, you spelled it wrong) Island.'s the cyclists' fault that your dog broke loose?

Trust me - cyclists are already VERY aware that motorists are annoyed by them. When I was in Banff, Alberta this summer, I was amazed at how bike-friendly the roads were. Is it really that hard? Let's be honest, who's more likely to be distracted - a cyclist or a motorist?

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