Remember the days before everybody had a dashboard camera? Yeah, me neither.

This video is from Australia, and it's poop-your-pants worthy.

A woman was driving down the Tullamarine Highway in Melbourne when one of those gigantic freeway signs fell off its base, onto the road RIGHT IN FRONT OF HER CAR WHILE SHE WAS DRIVING.

The 53-year-old woman behind the wheel of the SUV was treated at a local hospital for a minor neck injury. The car behind her had a dashcam that caught the entire incident.

Here's the second-best part (we say 'second' because the woman escaped with her life): the Australian government is going to cover the repair costs for her. Can you imagine having that fight with the state of Michigan? LOL.

Interestingly enough, we dropped off Free Lunch Friday to one of those sign companies locally here in Flint a couple of years ago. LOOK AT HOW BIG THEY ARE! And that's just a speed limit sign! It's an absolute miracle that this woman survived.

via Pat &A J
via Pat &A J

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