Is this even possible?

A man is claiming some real health benefits by eating nowhere else but one of the unhealthiest places on planet Earth. Find out how.

The 2004 documentary "Super Size Me" was bad news for McDonald's. Morgan Spurlock, the filmmaker, reported a fairly substantial weight gain and all sorts of health problems after he ate nothing but items from the fast food giant for 30 days straight.

Nearly ten years later, John Cisna claims to have lost 37 lbs and significantly lowered his cholesterol by eating nothing but McDonald's menu items for 90 days. The 54 year old teacher let his students plan his daily menus that included Egg White Delights, Fruit & Yogurt Parfaits, Sausage Burritos, Southwest salads, grilled chicken sandwiches and small orders of fries. His local McDonald's did donate the food for Cisna's project and documentary, although he is quick to point out that he is not a spokesperson for them. He plans to continue his diet until March 15.

Tell you think it's possible to lose weight and lower your chloesterol by eating nothing but McDonald's?

Details on John Cisna's project below.

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