New Passion For My Workouts – Raquetball!
I've discovered a new, fun way to stay in shape - raquetball! If you are tired of running the treadmill while watching the TV, or walking the track,
then take the plunge. You might find raquetball the perfect fit for you!
Help With Resolution #1 – Getting In Shape!
Studies say that losing weight and getting in shape are the most common resolutions that people make every year. I'm a four year member of Hurley Health & Fitness Center and I really do enjoy most of my time at the gym and up on the track, but not everybody feels that way. If you
World Run Day Is Almost Here!
I can't believe Stu Allen hasn't been talking about this special day for runners...."World Run Day', set for Sunday, November 6th. Instructions at are pretty simple, run and donate locally. It's a creative effort to publicize the health benefits of running, an…
Pole Dance Classes For Seven-Year-Olds
Several families aren't happy with JLN Pole Fitness in London for teaching seven-year-old girls pole dancing lessons and then posting the pictures online. Some of the pictures showed the girls hanging upside down and several parents and organizations are suggesting this is going to have a negat…

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