Record Label Tells Lady Gaga to Lose Weight
Lady Gaga's weight scales are tipping upward, and that has turned into a  hot topic with her record company. The singer understands that her recent 25 pound weight gain wasn't really in her plans, but her label Interscope has reportedly told her to drop the new addition.
Would You Eat Less To Live Longer?
I know it's asking a lot. Maybe more than some people are willing to pay. But, if you want to live longer, would you be willing to eat less?  A lot less? In fact, on some days, you’ll eat almost nothing at all.
Mom’s Diet For Seven-Year-Old Daughter Causes Controversy
One mom who put her seven-year-old daughter on a strict diet after being diagnosed clinically obese is being criticized for putting her young daughter on a diet. Her daughter was being attacked at school for being overweight, so the mom decided to put her on a strict diet and started writing about i…
Woman Pledges to Eat Chinese Food Every Day for an Entire Year
A lot of people use their New Years’ resolutions to encourage themseves to branch out, explore new places, try new things. But what about trying a very familiar thing, every single day, for the entire year? That’s what Victoria Bemkiempes of The Village Voice is setting out to do.
She’s determined to…

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