Hannah is not a fan of the McDonald's menu or their marketing practices, and had some pretty strong accusations for the CEO of McDonald's. She shared them very publicly...at the annual shareholders meeting.

The fast food CEO had a quick rebuttal.

Who won this battle of words? You tell me!

During the Q and A session of the McDonald's annual shareholders meeting, nine year-old Hannah Robertson had the spunk to tell the fast food CEO Don Thompson that she didn't appreciate the lack of healthy food choices on their kid's menu. She also accused the restaurant of trying to trick kids into eating at McDonald's with toys and their use of cartoon characters in advertising.

Mr. Thompson responded to the nine year-old Hannah by saying "First off, we don't sell junk food, Hannah,". He continued by saying that his restaurants use real beef, real chicken, real produce, dairy and eggs, and they do it in a way that makes their food affordable.

Watch the video below.



So here's the question...who won this epic battle of the words? Do you applaud Hannah for standing up to the McDonald's CEO at the company's shareholders meeting?

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