Last fall, we first reported on a new dining experience coming to Birch Run, Michigan.

136 Center eased into their grand opening by slowly adding new, permanent menu items throughout the month of December.

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Almost overnight, they amassed nearly 3,000 fans on social media. Most leaving very positive reviews. That's what makes their announcement today, all the more shocking and concerning.

Mid-Michigan's new home for dining and events.

The location is central to anyone in Mid-Michigan from Bay City, Midland, Flint, Saginaw and Frankenmuth.

The property was known as the Exit Restaurant for many years.

Credit: Google Street View
The Exit Restaurant around 2012 Credit: Google Street View

Then, January 24th, 2024 the new spot announced they'd be "temporarily closed until further notice."

Hello Everyone. In an unexpected tun of events, we must shut down 136 Center until further notice. We will be contacting everyone on a case by case basis. We will be posting updates here as they come. This was a total surprise for all of us. Thank you all for your incredible support.

Immediately their new fans, folks with booked events and people with gift cards from the holidays expressed concern.

What's happening to 136 Center in Birch Run?

Of course, the internet was doing what the internet does, immediately speculating. Some wondered if it was food related. Someone else said an investor backed out, by surprise.

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It's important for people to know the company hasn't publicly confirmed or clarified anything, at this time.

Credit: 136 Center Facebook
Credit: 136 Center Facebook

Considering they invested a big chunk of change to update the interior and exterior, you can bet they didn't anticipate this coming.

And they put a lot of thought into their business model which would not solely rely on destination shoppers, residents and travelers. The space is meant to accommodate weddings, parties and other large events, too.

What's next for the new steak and seafood restaurant in Birch Run?

The current owners promise they'll provide updates as soon as possible. They also mention contacting anyone that would be impacted by this temporary closure.

Credit: Google Street View, Canva
Credit: Google Street View, Canva

One thing is for certain -- an incredible amount of thought went into creating a successful business model and people were digging it. Let's hope 136 Center comes back soon.

We're hoping the whole team and concerned customers will be okay.

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