My youngest son, Parker, will be four on Saturday. Today, he was selected to be the "special helper" at his preschool. He took in cupcakes for his class. He also had to decorate a shoe box, put something inside, then put five clues on a card so that his classmates could try to guess what was inside.

Parker wanted me to help him, and I was happy to oblige. In fact, my wife thinks I went a bit over the top. I asked him what he wanted on it, and he listed off Doctor Who's TARDIS, "Back to The Future", Lightning McQueen from "Cars", the U.S.S. Enterprise, and "Spongebob Square Pants". Check out the photos below and tell me what you think.  Be sure to click the link at the below the photos to guess what's in Parker's box!

Now try to guess what's inside Parker's box! Here are the five clues his classmates got:

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