The Fenton Planning Commission gave an update on the project at their meeting on September 24th.

There are 3.6 acres of land on Owen Road in Fenton between the Speedway and the football fields that have been sold by the school district for $1.3 million to Keystone Realty in Farmington Hills, who have said that they want to put in an ALDI and other shops.

Unfortunately, the development has hit a snag, according to the Tri-County Times. And part of it stems from the Target store that was built in 2005. At the time, the school district had required that a driveway be built between Target and school property to connect the two. Needless to say, that driveway never came to fruition.

So, if the ALDI project is to move forward, the city has said that it must include plans for another easement driveway.

Another problem is that businesses in the Shoppes of Fenton as well as Mega Coney Island want money in exchange for the promise that direct competitors would not be brought in.


“These owners are forcing the city and school to look at different ideas.”

Posted by Tri-County Times on Thursday, October 1, 2020

The comments from residents on the Facebook post indicate some mixed feelings about the development.

Aldi? That’s the best we can get? How about a Whole Foods?
Or some shops like HomeGoods or other clothing/shoe retailers.
Walmart & VGs are a mile from this site, they are affordable but not a specialty type store.
What else is proposed?


Why are we not looking at the issue of the businesses who are there wanting money from the sale that would take away from our schools? No one is going to stop going to Target or Mega because an Aldi’s is put in. This is not someone just putting up a new business. That space is owned by FAPS, and the money would go to pay for improvements to our schools.

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