It's been revealed that JCPenney at Courtland Center Mall is one of the top performing in the company...and that's a good thing.

General Manager Virginia Curtis was awarded with the Founder's Award last week in Texas. Out of the more than 1,000 stores in the country, the Courtland Center location was recognized as one of the top 85 performing stores.

With the news this year that JCPenney will be closing 138 locations, it speaks volumes when one of our local stores has won this honor. What does this say about the mall itself?


That's easy for me to say, of course, since I'm just a middle-class working parent with no actual cash to invest. But I live and work on this side of Genesee County, and after the loss of Target on Center Road, it seems to be time to revamp the area.

Courtland Center has some great offerings aside from JCPenney - Bath and Body Works, El Cozumel, Planet Fitness, Dunham's, GNC, etc. But, if you frequent the mall, as I do, you'll know that there's not much beyond that. Every time I'm there, I'm worried that it will be the last time before they close it.

However, store owners at the mall have said that they see a decent amount of foot traffic - so what gives?

The mall is actually in really good condition. And, with the lack of shopping options on this side of town, it would be nice to bring some business back. Genesee Valley Center is a great mall and I have no problem driving to it, but as far as local convenience for the east side of own, Courtland Center is much closer.

If stores aren't an option, what about fun activities for kids? Look at Great Lakes Crossing - the aquarium, Legoland, etc. Indoor activities for kids might be the way to go!

As late as 2014, the mall was still having special events, such as an Easter egg hunt. Nothing recently, though.

Again, it's easy for me to say, since I don't have the capital or connections to take action. But, every little bit of local support helps, right?

Courtland Center, you've got my support. Because I'm still devastated over the loss of Target.

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