Now I'm even more spoiled! When Kroger introduced its Clicklist service late last year, I had to give it a try. I was immediately hooked.

Is Kroger Clicklist changing the shopping game?

How it works is you use the app or website to order groceries, then choose a pick-up time. When you arrive at the store, park in a designated Clicklist pickup space and call the number on the sign to let them know you have arrived. Within a couple minutes, they will bring your groceries out, load them in your car, and charge a card for payment. You never have to get out of your car, and the whole process takes about 5 minutes.

After your first 4 trips there is a $4.95 service charge to use the service. I have found that I spend less every week when I shop this way because I am not throwing that extra bag of chips and candy bar in the cart as I walk by them in the store. I think more stores will jump on this trend in the very near future, in fact some Meijer stores have a similar service.

I do think these services are changing the way we shop for things though. I find myself pulling up to the pet store thinking "I wish they could just bring my items out to me." I have also noticed that if there is a free pick-up in store option on a website, I am now more likely to use it. In all honesty, I lowered my step goal on my Fitbit last week. When I am not walking through stores to get my weekly errands done, I don't have a chance of reaching my 10,000 step goal. I defiantly think Clicklist like services are convenient for week night grocery pick-ups (yes, they can fulfill same day orders), or on weekends when you have more things scheduled than there are hours in the day, but we can't get too spoiled by these services. If we order everything online and never get out of our cars when we pick them up, we will never have to interact with other humans. What kind of world would that be?

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