You might soon be seeing pieces of a new advertising campaign that is sweeping through major cities in America. It's message is that everyone "deserves to die" for things such as having a tattoo, being an old crazy aunt, and more. If you are confused, so is a lot of America. Here's an explanation that might help.

It seems that everyone and anyone can be a target, and now  these posters have begun to show up in high public traffic areas. It appears to be a hate campaign that is all inclusive. Research quickly leads to a website called – immediately revealing the “killer.”

The ads are a marketing campaign for the Lung Cancer Alliance, and on the site, underneath those same images plastered all over your cities telephone booths and bus stations it reads:

If they have lung cancer. Many people believe that if you have lung cancer you did something to deserve it. It sounds absurd, but it’s true. Lung cancer doesn’t discriminate and neither should you. Help put an end to the stigma and the disease.

The goal is to educate people but many cities are reporting that some of the posters have been torn down by confused and offended citizens.

Regardless of the public’s reaction this provocative campaign appears to be accomplishing exactly what it was put in place to do – get a reaction.