Remember that story from last week about the big group of people who dined at a Japanese steakhouse in Warren on Mother's Day and ditched out on the bill?

Welp, plot thickens - one of said diners is a female Detroit police officer.

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Mmmmhmmmm. This is where it gets really, REALLY awkward.

The story aired on Fox 2 Detroit and, the day after, a person who said that they were a "friend" of the group came in to pay the bill. That "friend" was the police officer.

The manager of the restaurant says that they paid the bill and he'd like to forget about it, but the Macomb County Prosecutor isn't having it. The entire group is expected to be in court today; they're facing 90-day misdemeanor charges.

The Detroit PD have launched their own internal investigation, and the officer is on restricted, no-gun duty.

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