For the last few weeks, regular customers at a Burton, MI gas station have noticed something strange, if not obnoxious, while filling their vehicles.

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Incredibly loud opera music blaring from the tinny-sounding speakers overhead and at the gas pumps.

Credit: Google Street View
Speedway Burton, MI Credit: Google Street View

Of course, that has led to one common question from most patrons.

What's with the opera music outside Michigan gas stations?

Normally, you'll hear mainstream, innocuous music played under the canopy at any gas station.

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If not that, usually some audio from a video with B-List actor or a commercial playing at the pump.

It's possible most people wouldn't recognize the name of any legendary opera singers. We only recognized Luciano Pavarotti's name. That's him below.

Luciano Pavarotti Getty Images

There is an interesting, somewhat startling reason for the operatic tones at gas stations and other public places.


Gas stations are resorting to opera or even classical music blasting outside their convenience stores to prevent loitering.

Some 7-Eleven stores use it to prevent the gathering of homeless people. Other gas stations, like the Speedway in Burton at Court Street & Center Road (owned by 7-Eleven), have started using the tactic.

Speedway at Court Street & Center Road Burton, MI Credit: Google Street View
Speedway at Court Street & Center Road Burton, MI Credit: Google Street View

Some customers weighed in about the practice on Burton City Chat (Facebook group) saying they're so annoyed they'll avoid stopping there all together. Others see it as a low-cost deterrent.

Thankfully, it's usually only used on an as-needed basis.

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