After what happened to Officer Jeff Koenig in Saginaw this week, we're happy to see some GOOD news regarding our local police force.

The picture was shared with the Burton Police Department and then on their Facebook page. It's from Taleesha Anderson, who works at the Speedway on Bristol Road:

I work at Speedway on Bristol Rd . I want to show some Love & Respect for these 2 Burton police officers.

A women was locked out her car last night after getting back in the car the car wouldn't start so nobody had jumper cables so a officer bought her cables then her hood wouldn't open so for 45 minutes the officers stood in the rain and snow doing everything to get this hood . The latch was broken , like I said this women was having a very bad night .. So finally the hood opened (yes we all was so happy for her ) it didn't need a jump it wasn't the battery they think maybe starter . They end up having to take her and her Dog home .. The hard work & in cold rainy weather they worked to help her for over a hour...

Burton PD identified the men as Officer Berry and Sgt. Driggett. Thanks for all that you do!

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