* * UPDATE * * 11/1/22

Crime Stoppers is offering a $1,000 reward for information about the hit-and-run- incident that killed a 31-years-old Davison woman over the weekend.

A Davison woman has died after an altercation between her boyfriend and the man they were riding with in Rochester Hills.

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Sarah Ratliff of Davison and her 41-year-old boyfriend from Metamora were riding in a truck driven by a man from Otter Lake early Saturday morning. Reports indicate that the 31-year-old woman's boyfriend allegedly reached up from the backseat and attempted to choke the truck's driver. As he was being assaulted, the driver managed to bring the vehicle to a stop just off M-59 near Adams Rd.

Woman Killed When Exiting the Vehicle

Ratliff and the truck's driver then exited the vehicle. The Oakland County Sheriff's Department reports that she was struck by a car just moments later. The other vehicle was coming onto M-59 westbound from Adams Rd.

Hit and Run

After striking Ratliff, the driver of the other vehicle then continued along M-59. Police believe the vehicle that struck and killed the Davison woman was a 2017 to 2019 Audi Q7. Anyone with information about the vehicle or its driver is asked to contact Oakland County police.

Authorities have yet to determine what prompted Ratliff's boyfriend to choke the driver of the vehicle he was riding in. He is expected to face felonious assault charges.

Our thoughts are with the family of 31-year-old Sarah Ratliff from Davison as they grieve the young woman's loss.

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