Stories of looting soon after the bombings at the finish line of the Boston Marathon were bad enough. Now this....

It wasn't long after the bombings that the looting began. Many people, some dressed in running gear and some dressed in street clothes were seen rifling through merchandise booths that lined the marathon route. Video footage of that activity went viral and people were understandably angry.



Now, reports are surfacing that some of those looted items and even some Boston Marathon finisher's medals are up for sale on EBay.

Dan Ashworth of Ashworth Awards, the makers of the coveted finisher's medal is "disgusted". "It has been brought to my attention that this year's Boston Marathon Finisher's medallions have shown up on EBay." Ashworth commented. "It is truly sad that people out there are attempting to profit from this."

As many as five medals are up for auction. Some have bids as high as $500.

Marathon medal on EBay
photo from EBay

Are you as appalled as I am that people are trying to make a buck from such a tragedy? Would you buy one?



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