Mark Bauman, owner of Bauman's Running & Walking Shop in Flint, ran and finished his 47th consecutive Boston Marathon yesterday. 

He finished the 26.2 mile race in 5 hours, 40 minutes and 11 seconds. And while this was his 47th consecutive Boston Marathon, he's run over 150 marathons in his career.

Mark was less than a mile from the finish line of the Boston Marathon in 2013 when he heard the bombs go off. “I knew something was wrong when spectators were running from the direction of the finish back toward me and those still on the course were diverted from the finish line,” he told MyCity Magazine.

He started his running career in 1966 when he joined the track and cross country teams at Ainsworth High School. Now, well into his 60s, he's the owner of Bauman's Running & Walking Shop on Hill Road in Flint. He's also one of fewer than 20 who have finished all of the Crim ten-mile races. Bauman has also completed all of the Detroit Free Press International Marathons and all of the Volkslaufe Races in Frankenmuth.

I had the honor of being sponsored in my very first Crim race last summer by Mark and Bauman's. I remember the first time that I met him - we had a meeting with myself, Mark and our sales guy Larry. Larry said, "Mark's leaving for the Boston Marathon tomorrow." My response? "That's awesome! Have you run it before?"

I had no idea.

Mark is an unbelievable inspiration to me personally, and to so many people in the Flint running community. Not only that, but on a national stage. I'm so proud to say that I know him, and that I continue running because of him! Amazing job, Mark. I look forward to seeing you at the Crim this summer and the Detroit Free Press Marathon this fall, and of course, at Bauman's, when I come in for new running shoes. :)

via Pat & AJ
via Pat & AJ



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