Jim Rogash via Getty Images
Jim Rogash via Getty Images

On the third anniversary of the Boston Marathon, the city of Boston is collecting items to send to our city. 

One Boston Day was created last year, and “encourages random acts of kindness and spreading of goodwill." It's a way for the city to give back after the world came together to help them out after the bombings.

A moment of silence will be held today at 2:49 PM, and church bells will ring throughout the city.

Boston Mayor Martin J. Walsh has reached out to our Mayor Karen Weaver, who has accepted the offer of donations. Residents of the city are being encouraged to drop off pre-mixed baby formula, baby wipes and hand sanitizer to be donated to the people of Flint.

Thank you to my friend Trish who turned me on to this donation drive. What an amazing thing for the people of Boston to do, while also taking time to remember those who were lost. Thank you!

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