They were at the Boston Marathon to watch their dad run, and they returned to school to find that their absences were "unexcused."

Philadelphia resident Matt Rossi ran the Boston Marathon, and wanted to bring his wife and three children. While in Boston, they visited historical sites, the Freedom Trail, etc. When his children returned to school, they were given a letter stating that their absences were recorded as "unexcused," because the school doesn't recognize family vacation as an "excused absence."

He posted the letter to his Facebook page, and it has since gone viral. The school stands by its decision, and the Abington School District posted this response on its website:

"I believe it is our job as parents to make sure that our children understand the importance of rules, that rules should be followed, and that there are consequences for breaking rules."

Click HERE to read the full story from WNEM.

AJ and I are in disagreement about this. I think that the school is doing the right thing; she thinks that it's the parents' job to decided what an "excused absence" is. What do you think?

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