Students that attend Eastpointe Middle School will not be attending in-person classes at least for a little while anyway. Apparently, there was a wave of staff resignations last week that is forcing the school to go virtual for the week.

According to the Detroit Free Press, a spokesperson with the district, said 22% of the district's teaching positions are vacant. The reasons are varied: Some teachers found opportunities in other districts, some have left the field completely.

This is on top of the bus driver shortage that just about every school in the state is dealing with at the moment too. It's so bad in some districts that they've suspended transportation services altogether. Some schools are reimbursing parents that are willing to drive their kids to school. These are crazy times indeed.

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Caitlyn Kienitz, a spokesperson for Eastpointe Middle School:

We don't want to have our students in front of a non-certified teacher. Doing this virtually, we're able to make sure they're doing lessons with an instructor, not just sitting in front of a substitute.

When stuff like this happens, the ones that really get screwed are the parents. I mean, it's not like they were given much of a notice or anything. So now they have to do a last-minute scramble to figure out what in the hell to do about childcare. It's not like every parent can just drop everything at work to be home with their kids during the day. I'm not blaming the school or anyone for that matter, it's just a real inconvenience for everyone involved.

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