The Health Department just released a new update for Genesee County schools stating that now all people will be required to wear masks during school board meetings and any extracurricular activities.

I've got a feeling that this is another guidance update that's gonna lead to a fistfight in someone's future. Fortunately, we do have a small list of the things you can do with the new guidance in place. 

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This order does not apply to the following according to the health department:


  • People sitting at a table or desk, eating or drinking

  • People outside if not engaged in direct activities with physical contact

  • Under the age of four, but masking is encouraged for children who are at least 2-years-old

  • Vaccinated teachers who are working with children who are hard of hearing or students with developmental conditions who benefit from facial cues

  • People of any age with developmental conditions

  • People with current medical reason in writing from a doctor

Now, remember we're doing this to help battle the new uptick in COVID-related cases in our area. This isn't a big plan to control you or push some agenda. Which is something that always makes me laugh when it comes to conspiracy theorists that tend to cherry-pick information that fit's their argument. At the end of the day, if putting on a mask helps out at all, I'm all in.

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