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COVID-19 Cases In Children Are On The Rise
The recent spike in COVID-19 cases is hitting the youth harder than expected with a pretty big increase in the last few weeks.
Here I am worried about giving the virus to my parents and my nieces and nephews are the ones that are getting infected...
Mandatory COVID-19 Testing For Michigan High School Athletes
The Michigan Department Of Health and Human Services has just made it mandatory for Michigan High School athletes to get tested for COVID-19 due to a rate in cases.
Some people are finding this process very invasive and some groups have openly spoken out against it...
New COVID-19 Variant Found At MSU
COVID-19 is still very much here and the new B.1.1.7 variant has been found at East Lansing Michigan State University Campus.
Luckily the good people there were already prepared for the more contagious variant and had protocols in place to help mitigate the spread...
The City Of Flint Could Receive $100 Million In COVID-19 Relief
Big money is coming down the pipeline! In a covid relief bill, Michigan could see over $10 Billion dollars in funds that would help struggling businesses and families.
The city of Flint could be receiving close to $100 million from that bill to help rebalance out our economy...
South African COVID-19 Variant Found In Michigan
A new strain of COVID-19 has been found in Jackson County MI, and researchers are saying that its origins were found in South Africa.
This new variant also called  B.1.351 ( such a weird name) is more contagious than the normal coronavirus, but experts are saying that the current COVID-19 v…
Flint’s Bishop International Airport Now Has A Vaccine Drive-Thru
Flint's Bishop International Airport is doing its part to help get vaccines out to the public by converting its economy parking lot into a permanent vaccine location.
Whatever it takes for us to get COVID-19 behind us I'm all for it, and if I need to go to the airport to receive a vaccine, …

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