It hasn't even been a week since the announcement of masks no longer being required on public transport but the CDC has other plans for the general population. 

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The Justice Department is filing an appeal seeking to overturn a judge's order that voided the federal mask mandate on planes, trains and travel hubs. It came minutes after the Centers for Disease Control and Preve.ntion asked the Justice Department to appeal the decision handed down by a federal judge in Florida earlier this week.

Great just when you thought it was ok to take your mask off the CDC turns around and slaps us in the face. But this isn't something that I think you should be angry about. Yes, there will be weirdos that will go back to being mean to people and rejoice in just telling strangers what to do. But let's think about this for a second, if the Center for Disease Control and Prevention is telling you " Hey, we should probably think about this whole no-mask thing" then yea, we should.  I understand the information that has come out previously has had some holes in it but does it really ruin your day to wear a mask? Like seriously are you really upset about putting on a small piece of clothing on your face to make others around you feel better?

I hope this is the year when we can put this whole pandemic behind us. So far things have been looking a bit bleak in regards to parts of the world that still deal with Covid-19. Like the crazy stuff that's happening in Shanghai where the whole city is locked down and you can hear the screams from the residents at night, that's super dark. let's just pray that it never reaches that level on US soil.

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